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Topmaths Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Company Profile

The parent company, Dongguan City, Ming Electronics Technology Co.,
- Established in 2003 in China's manufacturing city - Dongguan, Guangdong (near Dongguan Ecological Park);
- Registered capital, RMB 50 million yuan;
- Plant area, 20,000 square meters
- CNC equipment more than 300 sets of test equipment, more than 30 Taiwan;
- 14 years focused CNC machining, stamping and other metal parts production;
- The main service in Europe, the United States, Japan customers;
- Passed ISO-9001, IATF16949:2016 system certification;
- Product components for optical communications, automobiles, high-speed rail, military facilities, aerospace;
- Terminal customers Huawei, Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Airbus, Boeing and more ...

Ningde Tianming New Energy Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
- Started the project in 2013, engaged in the production of power battery structural parts;
--In September 2016, Ningde New Energy Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established
- Established in October 2016 Jiangsu Branch
- Jiangsu Ming-Chi new energy auto parts Co., Ltd;
- May 2017 Ningde Tianming invests in CNC equipment and large-scale special welding equipment for large-scale hardware components and begins production of power battery tray

Geographic location
Ningde Tianming is located in Fu'an Economic Development Zone, Saiqi Town, Fu'an City, Ningde City, Fujian Province, 30 minutes drive from major customers
2. Registered capital of RMB2000 million
3. Capacity Planning:
Lightweight battery pack case (Ningde company) 150 sets / day (2017.9.1)
Lightweight battery pack box (Ningde company) 150 sets / day (2018.3.1)
Lightweight battery pack box (Jiangsu company) 200 sets / day (2018.5.1)
Lightweight battery pack case (Dongguan company) 150 sets / day (2018.8.1

The main equipment (by 150 sets / day box body planning)
Friction stir welding machine 7 sets
Multi-functional feeder 5
CNC gantry machining center 10
CNC small machining center 8
TIG hand-welding machine 10
TIG robot welding machine 4
Tightness testing machine 2
Robot PVC spray 1 Taiwan
Large oven 1 Taiwan
Automatic cleaning line 1
Tensile testing machine 1 Taiwan
Laser code machine 1 Taiwan
Assembly line 1

Technical cooperation - the main welding equipment
Chinese Spaceflight,
Beijing Shi Jia Bo,
Japan's Matsushita
Japan OTC;

Our advantage:
- More than 10 years of CNC precision CNC machining parts experience;
Nearly 20 years management experience in high-tech Japanese companies
Nearly 30 years of European, American and Japanese high-end customer service experience;
- In-depth cooperation with customers to develop, product features and technology organically integrated;
- Production Process Control Lean Manufacturing Management;
- process reliability and process analysis;
- Quality Management: Strict implementation of IATF16949:2016 quality management system;
- Scheduled to pass IATF16949:2016 certification by October 30, 2018;
- Strong cooperation with research institutes.

Our goal:
Become the world's most competitive lightweight battery tray manufacturer!
Days Ming Enterprise members - Tin Ming Electronic Technology (HK) Limited
- Dongguan Tian Ming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Registered capital: RMB50 million
Address: Dongguan, Guangdong
- Ningde Tianming New Energy Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Registered capital: RMB2000 million
Address: Fu'an, Fujian
- Jiangsu Ming Chi New Energy Vehicle Components Co., Ltd.
Registered capital: RMB10 million
Address: Liyang, Jiangsu


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