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Topmaths Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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TaiHe Road,panLing IndustriaI park,Shipai Town,Dongguang City,GuangDong province,China
    Topmaths equipped with most advanced measurement facility as 2D & CMM Measurement tester, X-ray Plating thickness tester, Roughness tester, Slat spray tester etc. and certificated with IATF16949:2016 system, And fully implement 5S¡¢JIT¡¢ERP System and strictly control the process; We have established a scientific quality management system and forming production self-check, IPQC inspection in processing, QA final inspection of strict product checking process ,insure every products exports with a high quality. At present, it has draw out the general target of ¡°Creating Advanced International technology and establishing an permanent enterprise¡±. Work out ¡°the most outstanding, the most loyal, comprehensive, efforts to customer¡¯s satisfaction, Cooperate for their successful¡±. In practice, We formed the international enterprise quality culture of ¡°basing on honesty, customers Oriental, safety and quality first.

Address£ºTaiHe Road,panLing IndustriaI park,Shipai Town,Dongguang City,GuangDong province,China
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